"Less is More"

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Our Team.

 HIVEHAUS® - The Concept

As a long time admirer of Bauhaus design principles it was only natural that Barry adopted Mies van der Rohe’s modern dictum ‘less is more’ when he set about designing the HIVEHAUS® concept.
Based on this well known notion Barry’s aim was to create a modern structure that was affordable, sustainable, flexible, easy to construct but ultimately pared back to it’s simplest form.

The regular hexagon a shape prevalent in nature due to its efficiency and strength came to mind. Along with the
equilateral triangle and the square, regular hexagons fit together without any gaps to make a very efficient use of space and building materials. The cells of beehive honeycombs are testament to this which led to the formation of the name ‘Hivehaus’ , the combination of ‘hive’ as in beehive due to the hexagonal shape and ‘haus’ the German spelling of house as homage to the Bauhaus design principles that influenced the overall look of the concept.
In short the HIVEHAUS® concept consists of a standardized set of components that can be connected together to form habitable modules (cells) which in turn can be connected to other modules to form a cluster of habitable modules (Hive).

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Barry Jackson - The Designer

Barry Jackson is a multi-disciplinary designer and maker. His design skills have been used to produce book covers, album artwork, corporate branding,  product design and interior design, He is a respected photographer, digital artist and author whose work has appeared in many UK and global publications. 
Barry also has over 30 years of hands on practical experience working within the construction industry renovating, extending and building houses. This diverse skill set combined with his innovative mind have culminated in the design and prototype production of the Hivehaus modular living space concept.


The HIVEHAUS® team are a highly diverse and creative bunch of individuals, with many years of experience in construction, carpentry, design technology, furniture design, arboriculture, electrical engineering and even sports science. They are all very keen on sustainability and environmental matters and interests outside of work include, cycling, sailing, hill running, photography, hang gliding and playing in local bands.

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