HIVEHAUS® is a completely new concept in prefabricated modular living space, based around the simple concept of a child’s construction kit, Inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb structures built by honey bees and influenced by BAUHAUS design principles. to create a compact but extremely comfortable living space suitable for a wide variety of applications.


The HIVEHAUS® concept consists of a standardized set of components that can be connected together to form habitable modules (cells) which in turn can be connected to other modules to form a cluster of habitable modules (Hive).


Six Identical equilateral triangular timber frames are connected together to form Hexagonal floor sections six more are connected to form a Hexagonal roof section these are then connected to each other via steel poles at each corner to form an open sided Hexagonal cell, this sits on seven adjustable feet – one for each of the six corners and one at the centre of the floor section. Each cell is 2.5 m high, the base measures 4m from corner to corner 3.5 m from side to side, each external side is 2m wide and the floor area per cell is 9.3 sq m. These Hexagonal cells can be connected to each other by any or all of their six sides to form an open framework of cells. Steel faced Sips wall panels in two standard sizes are now connected to the sides of the Hexagonal cells where required and then double glazed floor to ceiling windows in three standard sizes are then connected in the remaining wall openings, for each side - widow and wall panels can be configured as -full wall, two thirds wall one third glass, one third wall two thirds glass or full glass. Insulated corner cover strips are then fitted to each corner to produce a watertight structure.

Each 9.3 m2 cell is designed to be used as a specific work/live space i.e. office cell, lounge cell, Kitchen cell, sleep cell or bathroom cell, standard pre- fabricated internal partition walls (with or without pocket doors) can be added or removed as required allowing airy open plan spaces to become cosy individual rooms and vice versa.


Roof sections are pre-fitted with a GRP roof covering this has been designed to allow the addition of a green roof system; this will help to keep the building

Warm in winter, cool in summer, prolong the life of the roof covering and minimize storm water run off whilst helping to maintain an active eco system.

Each Hexagonal roof is separated into three 3.1 m2 sections each of these sections has a concealed drainage system, which runs down the inside of the structural steel corner pipes, this drainage system allows cells to be connected to each other on any side without the obstacle of external guttering and pipe work, this in conjunction with the green roof system also reduces the impact of storm water run off by dividing the flow of water from each roof. A 1200mm sky-domes are fitted to the centre of each hexagon, allowing natural light to flood into the compact spaces below making them feel much larger then they actually are.


Sips wall panels are pre finished externally with powder-coated steel, laminated onto OSB 3 with an EPS carbon core and primed a MDF internal finish. Floor and ceiling sections are filled with earthwool insulation made from recycled glass. A wireless LED lighting system keeps walls free from switch wires allowing any external wall panel to be removed for the addition of further cells or to be replaced with the same sized window panel.


HIVEHAUS® can be connected to mains utilities or used in conjunction with alternative energy sources such as solar PV or wind power - rain water harvesting and composting toilets can also be used to make HIVEHAUS® a viable off grid living solution.

Heating is provided by an air source heat pump which can also be used as a

Air conditioning unit during very hot summer days and an ingenious opening 'Fire wall' allows connection between the interior and exterior space instantly extending the living area during the summer months. Hexagonal decking of the same dimensions allows connection to other decks or cells on any side.


The pre-fabricated nature of the HIVEHAUS® concept allows cells to be delivered to site as flat pack sections by standard palletized transport. Each section is light enough to be handled by 2/3 men enabling installation on hard to access sights without the need for heavy machinery whilst adjustable legs and minimal foundations allow for erection on sloping or uneven terrain.


HIVEHAUS® cells have been designed to fit within the size limitations for permitted development and because they are portable can also fit within the classification for mobile homes when configured within the size restrictions for these This allows cells to be used as ancillary garden buildings such as office, studio, summer house etc without the need for planning permission.


The flexibility and ease of construction of the HIVEHAUS® modular concept means it is very well suited as a low cost housing solution for young people wanting to own their own home allowing them expand the hive at any time to suit their circumstances.

It is also well suited to the elderly and disabled as lack of stairs and wide doorways allowing easy access while high levels of light and solar gain from sky-domes and floor to ceiling windows, along with the compact nature of the spaces and high insulation values ensure that the spaces are very economical to run and easy to maintain.


The HIVEHAUS® modular concept is essentially DIY architecture giving individuals the ability to design and construct their own individually bespoke homes to suit their own individual requirements safe in the knowledge that their home is flexible enough to change as needs demand or budgets allow. Expansion, contraction and even division of the Hive into separate units is possible.

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