Where can I view Hivehaus?

Viewings of the HIVEHAUS® prototype show house in Lancashire are by appointment only. We are very happy to arrange viewings at weekends, please call 07866 243079 to make an appointment.

Showhouse address –
Beech Tree Farm Cottage
Long Heys Lane

Please be aware the show house is situated along a rough farm track, which may cause an issue for vehicles with low suspension height

Is Hivehaus available outside the UK?

HIVEHAUS® is not currently  available outside the UK but we have had a great deal of interest from potential clients from outside the UK.

So if you are an established company and would be interested in licensing the HIVEHAUS® concept in your country please contact

Barry at 

How much is a typical Hivehaus module?

There is no typical HIVEHAUS® module – as the concept allows for various combinations of panels to be used in any of the six sides of each hexagonal module, every module is therefore tailored to suit the individual requirements of each customer. This unique concept allows each customer the opportunity to configure modules to fit their individual budgets. We will be adding a 3D ‘Hive’ configuration tool to this website shortly which will enable users to design, configure and specify their own HIVEHAUS® while giving a running total of the overall cost.

Does Hivehaus require planning permission?

If you intend to use HIVEHAUS® for any purpose that is ancillary to the main dwelling then it could fall under “permitted development” that means they will not require a Full Planning Application. A useful guide on the need for planning permission can be found here. If you intend to use any building as a permanent home you will most likely need planning permission, in this situation we would always advise that you talk to your local planning authority or an independent planning professional.

Can Hivehaus be used all year round?

Highly insulated wall panels combined with a choice of high quality double or triple glazed aluminium composite or PVCU windows ensure that HIVEHAUS® can be used comfortably all year round.

What are the dimensions of a single module?

The HIVEHAUS® module has been designed to be compact but ultimately comfortable when used as a specific live/work space. Each module is 2.5 m high plus leg extension, the base measures 4m from corner to corner 3.5 m from side to side, each external side is 2m wide and internal floor area per module is 9.3 sq m. A minimum plot 4m x 4m is required to site one module and Internal ceiling height is 2135 mm raising to 2500 mm inside the sky dome.

Can I build my own Hivehaus?

Not at the moment HIVEHAUS® will initially be installed by approved installers around the UK that have undergone training and assessment. We would like to offer a DIY installation option in the future but this will also be subject to a training and Health & Safety assessment.

How long does it take to erect  Hivehaus?

HIVEHAUS® can be erected in as little as two days depending on the number of modules to be erected, access to the site and site conditions.

What foundations are required?

As HIVEHAUS® is supported by seven adjustable feet per module traditional concrete foundations are not generally required. Minimal foundations such as gravel retention pads/ concrete pads or ground screws are all that is usually required, which method is used will be determined by site conditions.

How are services connected?

HIVEHAUS® can easily connect to an existing electrical and water supply and drain into existing sewers, eco-digester system or a septic tank. It is possible to make HIVEHAUS® completely independent and off-grid  however additional cost will be incurred to design and incorporate renewable energy systems that will be specific to the site and number of HIVEHAUS® modules required.

How are modules powered?

We only recommend electricity for our power, modules can be connected solely to the national grid or in conjunction with renewable energy such as solar PV, we recommend the use of air-source heat pumps for cost effective heating and a highly efficient carbon neutral wood burning stove as an extra heat source. All or lighting is via low energy LED fittings and can be controlled remotely for convenience and flexibility. Hot water can be provided via instant electric water heaters or Air to water heat pumps depending on requirements.

What is the lifespan of a Hivehaus?

Each HIVEHAUS® module is constructed from high quality low maintenance components and therefore has the same life expectancy of any other timber framed structure, the beauty of the HIVEHAUS® modular system is that if any panel or component is damaged it can be replaced easily at relatively low cost compared to traditional brick buildings.

Where can I find land to build my Hivehaus?

Channel 4 Homes – general advice on how to find a plot of land
Need-a-Plot – The Self Build Portal
Plot Search – Subscription service from Buildstore
Plotfinder – Homebuilding & Renovating magazine
Perfect Plot – A family run land retailer
Rightmove – Select “land” in the “Property type” list.

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