“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

Albert Einstien

Off Site Construction

HIVEHAUS® modules are pre-fabricated off site to exacting standards to ensure onsite construction time is kept to an absolute minimum. As the concept has been designed around the use of industry standard sized board materials, the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process is also kept to a minimum. All modules are pre-assembled in the workshop for quality control purposes before being dismantled and flat-packed ready for delivery.

Sectional Flat-Packed Componants

HIVEHAUS® is constructed from a standardized set of pre fabricated sectional componants and delivered to site flat-packed by standard palletised transportation. The size and number of delivery loads required is determined by the number of HIVEHAUS® modules per order. This flat-pack method of delivery ensures that we can fit the maximum number of modules per vehicle to reduce delivery miles. This also keeps delivery costs to a minimum as a standard 44 tonne articulated lorry can carry 3.5 flat-packed HIVEHAUS® modulesand ensures that HIVEHAUS® modules can be delivered to hard to access sites with ease.. Compare this to the transit of 2 fully built modules via a low loader (which would also require wide load authorisation and the use of a heavy duty crane at either end to load and unload the modules) and the benefits of flat-pack delivery become clear.

On Site Installation

Each HIVEHAUS® module touches the ground lightly via seven adustable feet on minimal pad foundations allowing erection on gently sloping or uneven terrain. This also means that there is no need for a concrete slab or in many cases, to even pre-level the site. Each flat-pack component has been designed to be handled by 2-3 people. A typical installation team will consist of three people but more may be required depending on the size of your design. The time it takes to install your HIVEHAUS® will also depend on the number of modules in your design; on average we allow an installation time of two days per module.

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